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Black Fog Clears

reflections for guitar solo

RelEaseD AT 09.Aug 2022

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The work is characterized by a steadily brightening mood, but also interrupted again and again by gloomy, oppressive angry chord progressions. 

The movements are:
0 Quite good life                   7 min 30 sec

1 Something goes wrong     5 min
2 Should we really worry     4 min 40 sec
3 We will not accept             8 min 07  *) 
4 Hope is slowly returning   5 min 52
5 Reprise                                 7 min 25

Composition: Stefan Ebertsch  ( written during the dark pandemic years)

Guitar: Klaus Jäckle 

*) with special tuning: E-A-D-G-bB-E



Klaus Jäckle for the awesome recordings 
Herbert Grambihler for the amazing graphics

This project was supported by the scholarship program “Young art and new paths”
(Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art)