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Stefan Ebertsch


Born in 1967, lives in Nuremberg

approx. 8 years of classical guitar education (until 1987)

Physics studies in Erlangen

Since 1990 focus on piano, author of short stories, presence on regional stages (part-time)

2015 Atonal Short Crime with “The Art of Improvisation Orchestra”

From 2016 again very intensive occupation with guitar & further eduction

2020 “Between Rembetiko and Modernity” – 30 miniatures, approx. 60 min CD & sheet music release by publisher “Edition 49”

2022 “black fog clears” – 6 reflections for guitar, 40 min

2020 part of Composers forum of Johannes Tonio Kreusch

2022 scholarship holder of the program of the Free State of Bavaria “Young Art and New Paths” (Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art).

2020 part of Composers forum of Johannes Tonio Kreusch


“The miniatures are very refreshing and open up completely new sound architectures. They are particularly suitable for young musicians who want to open up new dimensions of sound.”
Johannes Monno (Professor of Guitar at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart)

“Your rebetiko cycle has a special, intense vibrancy.”
Heinrich Hartl, composer

[..] The Nuremberg guitarist and composer has engaged intensively in Greek music and presents “30 moderately difficult miniatures” for guitar, which emancipate themselves from attractive free adaptations of rebetiko towards jazz and co. And ensure partly for new auditory impressions [..] Klaus Jäckle recorded the pieces sensitively for guitar [..]
German print magazine Akustik-Gitarre Oct/Nov 2020