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Between Rembetiko and modern age - 30 miniatures for guitar solo

(artist Klaus Jäckle, composer Stefan Ebertsch, label edition 49)   

The miniatures are divided into two parts. In the first part, certain scales of the Rembetiko are varied with the typical odd rhythms. It ends with the more well-known song "Stou Thoma" from the movie "Rembetiko" (directed by Kostas Ferris, 1983). In the second part, the material is further developed in the direction of classic, jazz and modern, while melancholic pieces on guitar must not be missing.



[..] The Nuremberg guitarist and composer has engaged intensively in Greek music and presents "30 moderately difficult miniatures" for guitar, which emancipate themselves from attractive free adaptations of rebetiko towards jazz and co. And ensure partly for new auditory impressions [..] Klaus Jäckle recorded the pieces sensitively for guitar [..]
German magazine Akustik-Gitarre Oct/Nov 2020

In the  Jan-Dec print edition 2021 of Akustik-Guitar there is be a double-sided composer portrait of me with the sheet music of the miniature XIII.

"The miniatures are very refreshing and open up completely new sound architectures. They are particularly suitable for young musicians who want to open up new dimensions of sound."
Johannes Monno (Professor of Guitar at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart)

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In the present compositions, the focus should be on enjoying variation and experimentation. For this reason, dynamic specifications were deliberately omitted in some cases. Also there is place for free improvisation given by "ad libitum" passages. With the help of a selection of some typical rembetiko scales, everyone can playfully approach this music in his own way.

The publication should also focus on a perhaps neglected section of recent European music history and could therefore be particularly attractive for young people and/or competitions.

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The Rembetiko came to Greece from Smyrna (now Izmir/Turkey) to Greece in the 1920s and peaked there in the 1930s to 1950s. This music, often referred to as Greek blues, is often about drug addiction, prison and a longing for a lost home. Rembetiko's music has influenced numerous composers, above all Mikis Theodorakis, and has contributed to an extraordinary and very lively musical wealth in Greece and beyond.

The miniatures were written between 2017 and 2019. Typical bouzouki scales - as the main instrument of Rembetiko - were transcribed for guitar and used as basis for new compositions.

Thank you

Klaus Jäckle has accompanied the project constructively from the beginning and recorded the pieces. Thank you very much for that. Thanks also to Robert Lampis (sound engineering) and Herbert Grambihler (design).

CD Costs: 12 € . Playing time: 54 min

If you are interested in more Rembetiko music, I definitely recommend this CD: Rembetika, Songs of the Greek Underground, double CD from Trikont Verlag.


Due to its history, the Rembetiko has a current reference to the refugee crisis - the current corona crisis is exacerbating the suffering of many refugees. With the sale of a CD, € 4 goes to the AVICENNA Kultur- und Hilfswerk e.V., which provides active help for refugees on site in, among other things, school projects in Greece.

Playlist Radiofeature

I recommend this Spotify playlist - Music with a focus on guitar and bouzouki from the beginnings of rebetiko in the 30 years in Piraeus to the present day.

Consists of four parts:

  • Selection of pieces from the CD: Rembetika, Songs of the Greek Underground, double CD from Trikont Verlag.

  • Excerpts from my current album "Zwischen Rembetiko und Moderne"

  • A selection from the great work “Canto general” by Mikis Theodorakis

  • A selection of pieces from Klaus Jäckle

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